Inspiration talks

We live in a time that information technology is rapidly changing our lives and offers unlimited potential. In order to help you stretch we deliver inspiration talks on the possibilities of information technology trends for your organization.

Cloud workshops

Based on years of experience on cloud computing we deliver tailored workshops aimed at helping your organization develop a cloud strategy. We cover topics like cloud strategy, high level architectural decisions, cost architecting as well as identification of opportunities and scenarios cloud computing can deliver to your organization.

Business model workshops

In business model workshops we look at opportunities for your organization to expand or change your business model to grow your business. We focus on scenarios that combine business and technology. For example to take look at the opportunities that cloud computing and big data scenarios can deliver for your organization. We typically cover topics like revenue models, channel strategy, productizing your technologies and market opportunities.

Business imagineering sprint

For organizations that are open to expand their business and success by looking at innovation and new ideas we developed our business imagineering approach. Technology and business are strongly interconnected. At the same time these are very different domains. At growthebox we combine skills in both areas to help your organization generate growth at the intersection of business, IT and innovation. By building on your organizations talents and strengths we ensure this is done in a sustainable way. After we have defined a clear ask we start with gaining insights about your organization, market, customers and products and services. See us as the experience new guy that asks all the questions that do not get asked anymore and who brings new and fresh ideas. After we have collected insights we start to jointly develop ideas and strategies for growth by working on business and revenue models, technology opportunities, cost architecting, etc. Based on the ideas we have developed we then define a limited number of directions for the organization. The results of the business imagineering sprint is a presentation on the directions and their impact.